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testing a possible bug in watchlist.php

Dear Brion, in my opinion, there is problem in the character conversion of pagetitles which appears when a pagename contains an apostrophe ( ' ).

I have set up a testpage having an apostroph such as User:Nyxos/testpage_and_users'_guide . When you put it into your watchlist or visit recent changes view, the apostroph is (still) coded as %27 instead of being re-rendered as apostrophe.

W.r.t. recent changes listing and/or watchlist using the same modules:

linktext = link underneath the linktext is coded as =

When you click onto the link, you get the message, that the page does not exist - which is not true when you actually click on edit this page, the page text is there(present) again.

I guess, it has to do with a mix-up of accessing the MySQL databases sometimes with namespace:pagetitle, sometimes with page_id() and also the MySQL statements.

Tom aka Nyxos